Our Team

Benjamin Goodall – Executive Director

Ben is a senior at Belleville West High School. He serves as Executive Vice President on his student council as well as being involved in Varsity Cheerleading, Chick-fil-a Leadership Academy, BASIC Youth Board and Spanish Club. He also works as a website manager for Harebone Shears. He enjoys shopping, playing video games, and going out to eat with friends. As Executive Director, he oversees the organization and the team.

Abigail Stone – Assistant Director

 Abigail is a senior at Belleville West High School. She is a piano instructor and interested in pursuing government. She loves to read and travel. As Assistant Director, she oversees the staff via hands-on communication through the Executive Director.

Kate Easton – Treasurer

Kate is a freshman at Belleville West. She serves as the student council president of her class. Kate is in the Science Olympiad, Girls Learn International, French club, and Chick-fil-a Leadership Academy.  She enjoys skiing and scuba-diving. Kate is very excited to be a part of OneUp. As Treasurer, she handles the finances of the organization.

Natalie Goodall – Secretary

Natalie is a sophomore at Belleville West High School. She is her class vice president on the Student Council, serves on the BASIC Youth Board, and Chick-fil-a Leadership Academy . She also plays golf and cheers. As a student with a learning disability, she believes that all students should have equal educational opportunities.

Ahamad Hamdan – Communications Co-Director

Ahamad is a junior at Belleville West High School. Ahamad is a student council representative for his class and is a member of the Spanish Club, Science Olympiad, and Chick-fil-a Leadership Academy. As a first-generation immigrant of a Middle Eastern family, he enjoys spending time with his friends and family. Ahamad serves as the Communications Director of OneUp. Ahamad aspires to help others just like him.

Ajah Taggart – Communications Co-Director

Ajah is a sophomore at Belleville West High School. Ajah participates in cheerleading, Girls Inc. Eureka!, The Next Generation. She aspires to be an anesthesiologist. Her favorite activities include shopping, reading, spending time with friends, and listening to music. As an African American teenage girl, OneUp is a way of helping her give back to her community.

Caroline Koch – Fundraising Director

Caroline Koch is a senior at Belleville West. She plays tennis and is a student council representative for her class. Caroline works part time at a restaurant on the weekends, and loves spending time with her friends. She is the fundraiser coordinator for One Up because she loves helping the people around her and is very compassionate.

Rylie Surber- Volunteer Coordinator

Rylie is a sophomore at Belleville East High School. She volunteers at Adapt of Illinois, a mental health agency in the Metro East. She is on the Belleville East dance team and on a competitive dance team. Her favorite outdoor activities are skiing and hiking. Rylie is the Volunteer Coordinator for One Up Foundation, where she helps keep track of volunteer hours. She wants to help everyone that she can around her.

Addison Geluck – Media Director

Addison is a freshman at Belleville West High School. Addison participates in Student Council, Science Olympiad, French club, and Chick-fil-a leadership academy. Some of Addison’s hobbies are reading and hanging out with friends and family. Addison is excited to be part of OneUp because she wants to have a chance to give back to her community.

Olivia Eiskant

Olivia is a sophomore at Belleville West High School. She takes part in many clubs and activities including Student Council, Chick-Fil-A Leadership Academy, Science Olympiad, French Club, and varsity tennis. She enjoys being outdoors, crafting, baking, and spending time with her friends. Olivia aspires to make a difference in the community.

Taylor Tieman

Taylor is a sophomore at Belleville West. Taylor participates in Student Council, where she is class president, Chick-fil-a Leadership, BASIC, and Spanish Club. Taylor’s favorite activities are shopping and hanging out with her friends! She loves volunteering and is excited to help out in her community.